Keine Lust

It’s raining.  Again.  It’s impossible to tell how hard, thanks to the echoes on the metal roof, but I know it’s not just a gentle shower.  Griffen knows it too.  It’s why he looks at me blankly when I suggest he get off the couch and accompany me on our daily morning trek to the … Continue reading Keine Lust

Brand New Key

Er, uh, yeah.  Brand new key.  Probably what I need. July 8th was Griffen’s and my six month anniversary.  What do you give for such an occasion?  I don’t know if there’s a traditional gift for Humans who celebrate six months of wedded bliss (or otherwise);  at the one year mark, they supposedly give paper.  Dog would just … Continue reading Brand New Key


Have I mentioned that my dog is a weirdo?  Yep, and he still is.  Griffen’s favorite people were in the street today – City of Bainbridge Island workers, fixing potholes.  And whenever there’s fresh asphalt around, he simply goes crazy.  He pulls me right to it, then puts his face down and rubs his cheek, … Continue reading Superfreak

We Can Work it Out

My dog is a weirdo. There, I’ve said it.  My home is his third, and in fact, I have no idea what his circumstances were before landing here besides the hearsay from his former family (his second home).  What I do know is that he has an accumulation of neuroses that have come from…somewhere.  Case … Continue reading We Can Work it Out

I Got You, Babe

And then there were two. My new boyfriend snores. He has to supervise all the household chores in case something isn’t being done to his satisfaction, and he thinks everything in my house is his.  But despite that, we’re deliriously happy and in love. Nauseous yet? Well, let me add this little detail first and … Continue reading I Got You, Babe

Wild, Wild Life

Here on this mountaintop Woahoho I got some wild, wild life I got some news to tell ya Woahoho About some wild, wild life The first moment a wandering giant house spider with three-inch legs walked nonchalently across the livingroom floor, I knew I was not in Kansas anymore. Or Pennsylvania. Or Brooklyn, for that … Continue reading Wild, Wild Life

The (H)ummer’s Dance

This is a piece I wrote for a newsletter that didn’t get used, so I thought I would post it here.  The information is still applicable for hummingbirds in your area, even if you don’t have these same species. ******************************************************* Here in the Pacific Northwest, our summers are blessed with mostly moderate temperatures, beautiful blue skies and … Continue reading The (H)ummer’s Dance

Gimme Shelter

It all started with an article.  Bainbridge residents receive a free copy of our weekly local newspaper, the Bainbridge Islander.  They print stories about cultural events, how the high school rowing team is doing, obituaries, things you’d see written about any small town, although papers like this are fast disappearing in the USA; we’re lucky … Continue reading Gimme Shelter