We Can Work it Out

2 thoughts on “We Can Work it Out”

  1. Hi Ann, I can understand and love your blog on Griffin, I too have issues with Vegas (took a chance on him). He’s been somewhere lost for 1-2 years, runs at the slightest noise, ice cubes from the freezer freaks him out. Housebreaking is a work in progress. Toys are a thing he’s not familiar with,, don’t think he ever had any as a pup. He’s always hungry, did gain 2 pounds under our care. Len wanted a rescue instead of a puppy, rescues are harder to train, esp when this one’s been a runner out in the street, found in Orlando near a huge mall. He’s my little doll, anywhere I go in this house, he’s behind me. No matter where. Must be careful with the doors, as you know , he ran out last week. Love and patience is the answer. Please love and keep Griffin. I am doing the same with Vegas no matter what Len says. He’s not patient, even Lucy had an “accident in the house now and then”. Timing and love. All the best, love your story, Diana


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