The (H)ummer’s Dance

This is a piece I wrote for a newsletter that didn’t get used, so I thought I would post it here.  The information is still applicable for hummingbirds in your area, even if you don’t have these same species. ******************************************************* Here in the Pacific Northwest, our summers are blessed with mostly moderate temperatures, beautiful blue skies and … Continue reading The (H)ummer’s Dance

Gimme Shelter

It all started with an article.  Bainbridge residents receive a free copy of our weekly local newspaper, the Bainbridge Islander.  They print stories about cultural events, how the high school rowing team is doing, obituaries, things you’d see written about any small town, although papers like this are fast disappearing in the USA; we’re lucky … Continue reading Gimme Shelter

The Garden Song

“…Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow…All it takes is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground…” And then disaster did strike.  Almost a year to the day, I was terminated from the job that had moved me out here.  The billings were decreasing and the owner … Continue reading The Garden Song

Still Life With Woodpecker, Part II: The Quest for the “House House”

(“Do you think she’ll finally tell the story of how she found the house?” “….I sincerely hope so….Get on with it!”) Alright already.  So where was I?  Oh yes.  It was when I found myself flat on my back, with one leg bent under myself, staring up at the sky, that I thought, “Maybe this … Continue reading Still Life With Woodpecker, Part II: The Quest for the “House House”

Let us begin

This is the story of our plucky heroine as she makes her way from the wilds of Brooklyn, NY to the wilds of Bainbridge Island, WA.  Here there shall be words, and these words shall be sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant missives on the trials and tribulations of owning a house for the first time, of being … Continue reading Let us begin